Automate Trading Strategies to Next Level

Sit back and enjoy your coffee as systems execute your strategies to find opportunities in real time using Machine Learning, distributed computing and other cutting edge technologies.


How we do it

  • 01


    Use mathematical and statistical methods to devise strategy.

  • 02

    Back Test

    Back Test the strategy to verify its potential.

  • 03


    Code it for our platform which is capable of running strategies in real time.

  • 04


    Activate the strategy in simulation mode. This allows to determine effectiveness of the strategy without actually placing real orders.

  • 05


    Turn on the strategy so that it can place real trade orders as and when opportunities are found.

Fully Automated, Intelligent, Scalable & Resilient

Trading Platform

Our platform can be integrated with one or more brokerages providing API access. It can run strategies in real time. And can open and square off positions based on strategy logic automatically.

Automation & Intelligence

Can run and execute strategies automatically without any manual intervention.


Simulate your strategies with real time market data.

Keep Coding

Code and deploy as many strategies as you like. System will execute all strategies in real time.

Unified Data View

Access real time data for all related instruments in your strategy.

About Us

We are a startup founded by Chander Navani who has more than 20 years of experience in fintech domain. Our aim is to be a leading player in Algo, Quant and automated trading along with supporting technologies. We are working on a platform which utilizes cutting edge technologies like AI, distributed computing, in memory NoSQL databases.


Work with Us

We are actively looking for talented professionals who can help us build this next level platform. Specifically we are looking for professionals having in-depth knowledge of financial markets and trading strategies who can join us as co-founder or on profit sharing basis. Get in touch with us at contact@plutusquant.com to discuss further.